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Beer City Pro-Am Competition Invites!

It's that time of year again. Competition season is open.

For those that are unaware, beer competitions exist, and they can be cut throat. But not in Beer City! We enjoy an awesome collaborative environment.

Every year for 4 years now, the Beer City Brewers Guild holds a Pro-Am beer competition. 20 to 30 Homebrewers are selected based on their merits. If a grassroots brewer enters any of three local comps (Siciliano's Cup, O'Connors Homebrew Commpeition, and the Kent County Club Comp), and lives in Kent County or a neighboring Township, their scores are averaged and ranked based on highest average. If they are in the top, they get paired with a participating member brewery of the Beer City Brewers Guild to collaborate on a beer. The Collab is then judged and measured up to the rest. The winner gets their name on the prestigious Beer City Cup and displayed at the winning brewery till next year.

This is important because many of our club members participate every year. This is relevant to now because the invites just went out to those members that qualify this year! So check your inboxes for the invite. Even be sure to check you spam folder for an email from The Beer City Pro-Am Committee! Feel free to sound off if you made the cut this year! Congrats!

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