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Big Brew Day 2023

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Big Brew Day, the first Saturday in May, has local clubs celebrating AHA’s National Homebrew Day together. Siciliano’s Market are again sponsoring this and generously providing the ingredients for a 5-gallon brew for each registered team. Trail Point will provide the space, water and recipe. You can fire up your kettle and brew it straight, add anything you want to make it different ( bigger?), or just wander around and check out others' equipment, methods and beer offerings! The winners of the Siciliano’s Cup will also be announced. You’re in that, right?

It’s a really fun day. The picture on our home page was taken at Big Brew Day in 2019 (I think), so let’s see if we can update that! And the picture above is Mies Martin with his copper well sheltered from the wind - note to self, do that!

Dan Sipka is meeting with Jeff from Trail Point next week and he’ll keep us posted on the recipe. Meantime he’s asking for a heads up on the numbers of brewing teams from each club. Please click the link below to brew, join another PrimeTime team, or just hang out and have fun for the day.



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