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Get Your PTB Swag!

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

We have a temporary storefront open for your Primetime gear. You can pick from our selections, pay, and all items will be made at one time. Easy Peasy!

Opportunity closes on July 5! NOW OPEN FOR ONE WEEK, JULY 18 THRU 26!!!!!

Some notes: The font on the front of the shirts will match the font in our logo. The foam on the mug in the logo WILL BE WHITE, not background color as shown.

We have Mens and Womens short sleeve t-shirts, and unisex long sleeve T's. All shirts come in your choice of Black, Grey, or Red. The designs are basic this time around, "Primetime Brewers" on the left chest with the club logo emblazoned across the back.

Some Examples:

Also available are the standard grey Club Workshirts with the logo on the left chest, and an option to have your name embroidered on the right chest.

Finally, we have ball caps. Caps are available in Black or Red and two different styles; Mesh Back or unstructured "Dad Caps." The caps feature the PTB Logo embroidered on the front.

(Note: the foam on the mug in the logo will be white in the final product, unlike as shown in the previews)

In the future, if there is interest, we will make some different designs, and different items.

If this offering is successful, we can do a Fall order with cooler weather items like hoodies, fleeces, and stocking caps.

Stock up! The link is at the bottom of the homepage, or right here:

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