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Here are the books for PTB...

Probably close enough to the end of the year to call them final for 2020.

We closed 2020 with $2465 in the PTB accounts. During the calendar year we took in $431 in 2020 memberships, sale of the club barrel and apple juice. During our significantly curtailed 2020 club year we spent $748 on meeting supplies, food at some of our meetings, club insurance, and recognition for our brewer of the year. We open 2021 with only about $300 less than we had when 2020 began. So, the club is in good shape to have a "normal" club year as permitted under various health department orders and common sense to stay safe and healthy.

Our two main sources of revenue are club memberships and our annual Christmas

Party and Auction. The Auction is the single largest revenue producer for the club and funds most of our yearly activities and supplies. We are fortunate that our significantly curtailed spending in 2020 enabled us to maintain in the bank our proceeds from the 2019 auction and will enable a normal club year.

Now is the time to start the PrimeTime Brewers 2021 Membership drive. Please pay the annual membership fee of $20 to on PayPal (preferred). You can even link to the PayPal site from the PTB website. The 10% savings you get from your membership at local homebrew suppliers more than makes up for the $20 cost over the course of a brewing year. The membership fees support the club and will be important for the club to get us to our next Christmas Party and Auction to resupply our club bank account.

-Treasurer Sanial

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