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Pro Am Announcement - Pairings and more

Here are the basic rules for the Pro-Am competition.

1. Each homebrewer will be randomly paired with a participating member brewery of the Beer City Brewers Guild.

2. Homebrewer/Brewery pairings will be made at a special Pro-Am Draft event to be held at City Built Brewing Co. at 1pm on June 4. The pairings will be made at random, at the event. Each Entrant is welcome to bring one other person to share in their excitement.

3. Each Homebrewer/Brewery team will collaborate together to create and brew a commercial sized batch of a truly original recipe. This recipe should be collectively developed by the brewery and homebrewer, and not be a variant of a commercial beer that has previously been released or a homebrewers favorite recipe.

4. Each team’s beer will be judged by a panel of bona fide beer judges. The winner will be announced at the 2023 Beer City Brewers Guild Festival September 30, 2023 at a place to be announced.

5. Each participating brewery will release their beer in their tasting room shortly before the judging.

6. Qualifying homebrewers will have until June 3, 2023 to reply with their interest.

Registration will be closed after that date. To reply with your interest in participating to

7. Code of Conduct: Please everyone remember that this is a privilege and a fun event. Everyone needs to understand that there are many legalities and regulations around commercial beer. You, as a homebrewer participating in brewing a batch of beer with a licensed commercial brewery, have NO ownership or entitlement to the recipe, name, or product made with your Pro. Also understand that the Pro you are brewing with is a business that feeds its family and values its employees. If your Pro decides to offer you special treatment, please be gracious in accepting such generosity but understand you are

not entitled to any of it. Generally, just be cool and have fun.

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