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PTB Monthly Competition Rules

 Must be a paid member of PrimeTime Brewers to participate.
 One entry per person. Two bottles minimum or growler.
 Style competitions will be blind and served by a steward.
 Style competitions will be judged as a team. 6 entries and up will split to two teams. 9 entries and          up will split to 3 teams.
 One vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place per person in beauty contests.
 All subcategories allowed in category competitions unless otherwise specified.
 Style competitions will have a best of show round to determine1st, 2nd, and 3rd place consisting of      the top two scores from each team in the round. Unless there are less than six entries (see rule 8).
 Ties in style competitions share points if less than 6 entries.
 Ties in beauty contests are broken by amount of first place votes, then second place votes, then third      place votes.
 Year-end winner – The person with the most accumulated points throughout the year wins the                Homebrewer Of The Year. Ties are broken by number of 1st place votes, 2nd place votes, 

    then 3rd place votes throughout the year. If there is still a tie then the award is shared.

1st place – 12 pts
2nd place – 8 pts
3rd place – 4 pts

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