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MHF, the Best Fest! Sign up for kegs!

We have all done at least one beer festival, right? If you haven't, you should. Coming August 16, Primetime Brewers goes to the Michigan Homebrew Festival at Camp Agawam, in Lake Orion, MI. A beer festival run by homebrewers and put on by homebrew clubs. None of the commercial beerfest business and run around. I know I have been saying that alot, but This is seriously the best beer festival. You gotta come and see.

PTB is making an effort to bring a larger presence this year. We will have the club jockey box, booth, tent, flag, light show, grills, etc. This year, we are participating in the theme fun. We are all going dressed as silly golfers. Find your silliest, goofy golf pants and come and join in. Complete with putting green, 19th hole tap house, golf bag travelling keg, and sand trap.

To make this really good, we also need people willing to bring, or at least send a keg of beer with us. We will be running at least 5 taps for 2 days straight. 10 kegs would be a good start. The keg need not be full, or even that terribly good (But we dn't make bad beer do we?). Below is a sign up for kegs. Please support you club! Use the link below to sign up for a keg.

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