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PrimeTime Brewers

We are the OG club.  We have  the most experience. We have the most history.  We have the most connections. We are the most social.

The Current Officers

Pro AM 2022 3.jpeg

Ian Purvis


Mies Cat_edited.jpg

Mies Martin

Vice President

BBBCD671-112A-4A22-AF77-63B034AD5E6F 2.JPG

Bill Smith


Portrait - Sanial 2019 05 1.jpg

Greg Sanial



Jeremy Gavin

President Emeritus

Regular Meetings

Every 3rd Wednesday we meet to evaluate beer, handle business, and learn something. Oh yeah, we have fun too.

Thursdy Thirstday

Every 1st thursday we meet at a local brewery for a happy hour style meet-up.  Members get specials and discounts.


Once a quarter-ish, we meet somewhere and brew together.  Food and fun for all.

Christmas PArty and Charity Auction

Every December we collect donations from all our sponsors and sell them to benefit a local charity, and have fun at the same time.

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