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Rubber Chicken April 2024

Gluten-Free as you want to be!

By Bill Smith

My experience

My first thought was look up recipes on my normal websites I like to use, American Homebrewers Association & BeerSmith.  They both had a few recipes and looked interesting.  Next, I googled Gluten Free recipes and found a new website, Gluten Free Home Brewing.  Wow, what a list.  I got excited and began looking for a stout or similar recipe as rumor had it they were the easiest to make tasty and gluten-free.  I quickly had three recipes that I thought looked good and fit the equipment I have. 

Next step, find the ingredients.  I found a couple of websites that dealt in gluten-free ingredients and began looking for what I needed.  Out of stock, out of stock, and out of stock.  Siciliano’s normally has everything I need but gluten-free ingredients not so much.  I quickly found that my normal process was not going to work.  I then researched kits.  I found SoCo Homebrew, MoreBeer, Keystone Homebrew Supply, and Label Peelers.  I found a deal on Label Peelers and ordered the kit.  It came quick enough, and I set aside for a couple of weeks until I was ready to brew.  It was an extract which I haven’t done in a while but should save me some time. I opened the box and we disappointed to find one of the ingredients missing and no directions.  I googled gluten-free extract recipes to figure out how much water and when to add the rest of the ingredients.  I emailed the company for the missing ingredient but ran to Siciliano’s so that I could still brew on my schedule.  Brew day went as scheduled but the beer was not as clear as normal.  Fermentation is going well and put into secondar to help clear it out.  Will cold crash, carb it, and taste it soon.  Hope you enjoy it at Brewery Nyx!

"Life is sweet without Wheat."

"Going against the grain."


Alternative Grain Beer 31A

April Beer Style

BJCP Guidelines:

An Alternative Grain Beer is a standard beer (Classic Style or not) with additional or non-standard brewing grains (e.g., rye, oats, buckwheat, spelt, millet, sorghum, rice) added or used exclusively. Gluten-free (GF) beers made from completely gluten-free ingredients may be entered here, while GF beers using process-based gluten removal should be entered in their respective base style categories.

Comments: The additional grain should be apparent somewhere in the sensory profile. If the alternative grain does not provide a noticeable distinguishable character to the beer, enter it as the base style. This style should not be used for styles where the alternative grain is fundamental to the style definition.


Up Coming

Siciliano's Cup

  • Registration is closed

  • Drop off April 1st to April 14th

  • Judging April 20th

  • Judges and Stewards are still needed

  • Awards presented on May 4th at Trail Point Brewery

Big Brew day

  • Recipe is available (White IPA - Big Brew Day Hoppy Wit)

  • Brew Captains needed. if interested please be at our next general club meeting on April 17th.

  • More information on the website

2024 Michigan Beer Cup

Upcoming Competitions

Charlie Orr Memorial Chicago Cup Challenge

  • Registration is currently open and closes on April 19th

  • Drop off March 19th - April 19th

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