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2022 Brewer of the Year Style Schedule

Since the dawn of time, Primetime Brewers has been a competitive club.

Every year we set a monthly brew schedule. Members are encouraged to brew to this schedule for glory and praise, and to be honored as the Brewer of the Year.

Before each meeting, we judge and score the beers of that months scheduled style. 1st place gets 12 points, 2nd place gets 8 points, and 3rd place gets 4 points. The points accumulate and a winner is named at our annual Christmas party in December. The winner's name carved into the histories of the club on the BOTY Plaque, as well as a sweet hardwood mash paddle trophy. Below is the Schedule for 2022:


14, Scottish Ale A, Light, B, Heavy, C, - Export beauty pageant


5B, Kolsch Ale - judged to BJCP style

March 7, Amber Bitter European Beer A, Vienna Lager, B, Altbier, C, Kellerbier

-beauty pageant

April 3C, Czech Premium Pale Lager - judged to style


C1A, New World Cider - judged to style


Beer & Food Pairing - beauty pageant


24A, Belgian Witbier - judged to style


SMASH beer with a specific hop TBA - beauty pageant


Sour Beer - beauty pageant


29, Fruit Beer A, Fruit, B, Fruit & Spice, C, Speciality Fruit - beauty pageant


33, Wood Beer A, Wood-Aged, B, Specialty Wood-Aged - beauty pageant

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