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BCBG "Brewers in the Calder" Festival Volunteer Sign-up

Brewers in the Calder celebrating the Pro-Am partnership is needing volunteers. I volunteered last year (Bill Smith) and it was quite pleasant and was blessed with free beer tickets. I highly recommend helping out.

This isn't just another beer fest - this is THE festival of Beer City brewers, planned and orchestrated by the area brewers and brewery owners themselves that make up the Beer City Brewers Guild. Strategically organized during ArtPrize, head downtown to check out the art and then visit the festival for local brews. Admission is free, just purchase tasting tickets. All ages are welcome, 21+ will be carded and given a wristband. Join the area's brewers as we celebrate Beer City, USA. We're expecting around 30 member breweries along with their Pro-AM beers. The guild's Pro-AM competition has grown into an annual staple that randomly pairs home brewers with commercial brewers to collaborate together and brew a unique batch of beer. Those special beers will be available at this fest, and the annual winner will be announced.

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