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Updated: Feb 1, 2023

PrimeTimers, here's your chance to develop your sensory skills and/or prepare to certify as a BJCP judge if this interests you.

Rivertown Brewers, supported by Siciliano's and O'Connors, have put together a program of sensory and exam prep classes and PrimeTimers have been invited to participate.

First there'll be nine bi-weekly Sensory Classes on Tuesday evenings, February 21 thru' May 30, to taste and experience classic beer styles and learn about identifying key characteristics and off-flavors. These will be "drop-in" classes, running 1.5-2 hours each, with a cost of $5 per class.

Following these, there'll be nine more structured BJCP exam prep classes, again bi-weekly on Tuesdays, June 13 thru' October 3, focusing on the BJCP judging process and reviewing several BJCP styles each session with a view to potentially sitting the BJCP exam in the fall. The cost is $30 for the 9 classes.

Details are on a new website, Beer City BJCP,, where you can register to reserve a spot in either or both classes. This is a brilliant opportunity to improve our individual knowledge and tasting skills and develop a wider body of judges for local competitions.


Ian Purvis

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