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Subject: Exciting Siciliano's News

Good afternoon! Hope all is well with you guys. I have some exciting news and updates on our end at the Market. 1. We will be closed this Sunday, August 6th ALL DAY to celebrate the one and only Kati's wedding! 2. We will have new hours for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Starting next week, we will be open till 8am-10pm! 3 Customer Appreciation (15% off Homebrew and Winemaking supplies) week will be Monday, September 11th-Sunday, September 17th. 4. Last but not least, we are SUPER excited to have Drew Thiel join the Siciliano's team at the end of August! Drew will bring so much knowledge and experience to our team and we could not be happier. Many of you probably know Drew from his years at O'connor's. This is a huge addition and will help us get more involved with homebrew clubs and your meetings. -- Cheers, Dan Sipka Director of Operations - Siciliano’s Store 616-551-2076 | Cell 616-822-5463

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